Buzz, Bits and Bytes - Issue 5 – Hedoine

Buzz, Bits and Bytes - Issue 5

November 16, 2018 – Hope you all had a lovely week. As always, we couldn’t help but think of you when we came across these fabulous reads. Enjoy!

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Michelle Obama for Elle magazine. Celebrities interviewing other celebrities doesn’t always work out, but this is a good one.

Apparently, one of  Kate Middleton’s favorite skincare products is rosehip oil, and now that the word is out, Trilogy is selling a bottle every twenty seconds. Interesting.

Our enormous thirst for enormous jewels has once again been quenched by this article from CNN Style about a pink diamond that just sold at Christie’s for $50 million.

We also liked this piece about how Frida Kahlo brought Mexican politics to the world stage through her wardrobe. We didn’t know that was even possible.

If you’re a writer, you might be intrigued by this theory that every story in the world has one of six basic plot lines. Can that be right?

And now we’re hearing that a low salt diet can be just as unhealthy as one that is too high in salt. First, it’s good, then it’s bad. Whatever. Pass the crisps and poke us when it’s been settled.

This piece from Business of Fashion is all about Hedi Slimane and the art of the ‘Drop.’ That’s fashion- business speak, you know. Something to do with product launches.

And lastly, we invite you to soothe your jangled nerves as the weekend nears by touring this fabulous collection of the world’s most beautifully designed spas. Lovely.

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