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The Perils of Structured Living

Here at the PartyDesk, we are always concerned about our fellow Hēdoïnes. We want you to succeed, but we don’t want you to burn out. We want you to dazzle, but we don’t want you to flame out. Most of all, we don’t want you to let life pass you by.

It is important to recognize that there are numerous consequences of living an overly structured and disciplined life. To deny leisure and pleasure their due respect is to spit in the face of the true meaning of life. If you are among the many who have drifted from the true path, you must be prepared to pay a hefty price indeed. Here are but a few of the unpleasant side effects in store for you:

  • You will become hardened and bitter
  • You will age prematurely
  • You will experience great stress
  • You will be unpopular at parties
  • Your relationships will suffer
  • You will spend your life struggling
  • You will feel cheated
  • You will feel left out
  • You will have serious regrets in the end
  • You will not be happy

If any of these consequences have an uncomfortably familiar ring to them, you need not panic. Your hedonistic muscled may have atrophied slightly, but they are still there just waiting for a vigorous workout. A complete 180-degree turn is probably not advisable at this time, but the first step on your road to personal rehabilitation must be a re-evaluation of your belief system. As the snake sheds its skin, so must you shed the uncomfortable and restricting cloak of misguided values and unnecessary burdens that has slowly and surreptitiously enveloped you.



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