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What’s in a Name? Fun with International Hosiery

We love language. We’ve mentioned that before, haven’t we? Yes, yes, we have. You really must pay closer attention. We recently reviewed the subtle and nuanced differences between the words stockings, tights, and pantyhose, and as we toiled away in our linguistics laboratory (basement level, last door on the left), we discovered some delightful surprises from around the globe.

These, then, are among our favorite foreign language terms for tights or pantyhose. Pronounce them with us now:

  • Afrikaans sykouse
  • Arabic — jawarib tawila
  • Basque — galterzerdiak
  • Bosnian hulahopke
  • Danish strømpebukser
  • Estonian — sukkpüksid
  • Filipino — pampitis
  • Finnish — sukkahousut
  • German — Strumpfhose
  • Greek — panteloni
  • Icelandic — sokkabuxur
  • Romanian — strampi
  • Russian — kolgotki
  • Uzbek — külotlu
  • Welsh — teits
  • Zulu — amasokisi

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