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The heroine in you is telling you to get those tights you’ve been meaning to order. Your inner hedonist is luring you to another glass of pinot.

We get it.

Our VIP subscription service is designed for Convenience Queens. New tights delivered as often as you like.

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High or low waistband? Denier? Size? How many? Refine your selection.

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Put your feet up - from now on your tights will always be at hand.

Most women go through over 45 tights a year

We aim to decrease this average by crafting a premium, more durable product.

Yet we get that you can’t wear the same tights every day. Whether you need 12 pairs a year, 36, or something in between, the subscription is about you finding the right drop for you.

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Featured collection

Our Hedoine Tights Collection

Our Hedoine Tights Collection