Embrace Circular Fashion with our Hedoine Recycling Project

Did you know that globally less than 1% of clothes are recycled and in Europe, 87% of discarded clothing ends up incinerated or in landfill? When talking tights, almost 8 billion pairs of tights are made and discarded every year, in excess of 103,000 tons of hosiery waste created annually around the world (the equivalent of more than 15,000 elephants!!). Shocking right.

Whilst most people meticulously recycle their household waste, often we wouldn’t think twice about throwing another pesky laddered pair of tights in the bin…

Together we can work towards shifting this statistic and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of textile production such as water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill.

It’s time to turn your long-lived tights & leggings, whether Hedoine or not, into necessary items such as tyres and insulation… That's right, once past their best, your tights have the potential to be transformed into something practical and new. Via Hedoine you can give your old tights a new life. We think that's pretty cool.

At Hedoine we want to make every effort possible to avoid harming our plant whilst crafting high-quality and long-lasting products. We are consistently guided by our values to craft responsibly, elevate each other and always tell it like it is.

The Hedoine Recycling Project is here to close the loop and hero circular fashion. While we prioritise durable design and sustainable innovation, we understand making long-lasting tights doesn’t mean they will last forever. We believe that practising circularity is the best way to confront throwaway culture, all the whilst attempting to avoid the ‘throwing away’ part entirely.

First we upcycled the tights game and now we recycle. This is your call to go circular.


Recycle via the Hedoine Recycling project in 4 easy steps!

Thank your tights and leggings (from any brand) for the good times and get ready to recycle.
Submit your details via the form provided below and we’ll send you a shipping address.
Pack up your pre-loved legwear then post it and smile, you’ve done a good thing.
£10 Credit
Once your tights have been received, you’ll get a £10 store credit. Perks of being so sustainable...


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