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We’ve got you covered.

The world's first ladder-resistant and seamless tights collection

Ladder-resistant technology

We believe that tights deserve to live beyond a single wear. They should last day in, night out and they should feel good. That’s why we made it our mission to launch Hedoine with a collection of ladder-resistant tights.

We started in Italy, where we knew tights innovation lived (alongside pizza, Franciacorta and gelato) and using 3D knitting technology we crafted the world’s first pair of ladder-resistant tights aimed to withstand real life tights traumas and still feel amazing. We didn’t stop there either. We made sure they were seamless, sag-free and super-soft as well. Read how our tights are made here.

Durable, but not unbreakable

It’s important for us to highlight that it’s the delicate nature of our tights that makes them so soft and enjoyable to wear. While we have worked hard to innovate a collection of ladder-resistant tights that stand up to snags - they’re still sheer and enjoy a tender touch. With the right tights TLC though, they can last up to 10 times longer than the average. There’s a lot to love about ladder-resistance, and it starts with the correct care.

Seamless comfort

Gussets be gone! So long seams! The seamless tights life means you can wear what you want - not a seam to be seen. They’re also addictively comfortable, sliding on with minimal adjustment  and feeling smooth, shaping and barely-there. It’s all in the seamless knitting process. Comfort is too important not to champion.

And then we went and won a Red Dot Design Award for them.

Super-soft yarns that don’t itch

We know tights can itch, which is far from comfortable. That’s why we made it our mission to kick the itch and create supreme softness. Back to Italy, where we sourced the softest Italian yarns to craft our collection of black and nude ladder-resistant tights. Quality was of extreme importance to us, and softness was something so many tights-gone-by were lacking. There’s no denying that Hedoine ladder-resistant tights are addictively soft, championing mindful craftsmanship. Soft with stamina, who would have guessed.

Sag-free - tights that stay up

Welcome to tights that actually stay up. No sly, awkward adjustments and no dancing them back into place after only 10 minutes wearing them. We’ve crafted a shaping waistband in a high and low fit that leaves you feeling nothing but supported - and is raved about worldwide. The sag was a drag - and tights should stay up with you.

Nude, Black or both please

Our collection of ladder-resistant tights includes sheer, semi-sheer and opaque black tights in 20, 30, 50, 60 and 100 denier as well as our nude tights collections - our classic Nude tights - perfect for showing off. We’ve made sure our five nude tights shades cover 25 skin-tones and that our black tights are the perfect black. Building the ultimate ladder-resistant tights wardrobe starts now. They are available in Invincible Pearl, Vivid Champagne, Martini Olive, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline. Find out more about our colours in our colour guide here