Naming Nudes: This is why there’s Pearls, Champagne, Whisky And Praline

A question we often get asked about our nude tights is ‘how do you name the shades?’ and as one of our favourite tasks, next to the ladder-resistance dance test, we thought we would share the process - which in true Hedoine spirit, involves spirits - usually gin but sometimes whiskey ;)

A Hēdoïne naming hour usually starts with a double shot espresso, lucky heels on and the 9-5 soundtrack. From here we head to our development laboratory (basement level, door on the left at the end of the hall), put on our white lab coats and some thick eyeglasses for effect, and off we go.

In the case of our nudes, the ideas flowed freely, inspiration hit hard and nude jokes were kept minimal, mostly. In the end, we emerged from the basement with what we believe to be five delicious shade names (And yes we rejected more than a few bad ideas, that’s perhaps for a bloopers reel)


We chose the image of a singular pearl to represent strength, resilience and marvel. The makings of a pearl is a long slow process, developed amid crashing waves and turbulent seas - that results in the creation of something elegant, iridescent and invincible. They’re also found in Oysters and yes, we’ll take a dozen.

Invincible Pearl in The Nude (All Nude) >

Invincible Pearl in The Edgy ( Nude with Black Waistband) >


A bubbly breakfast to elevate the morning *wink* kidding (unless it’s our birthday). Our vision of vivid champagne is one of sparkling light, a dazzling sunset - hopefully in Italy ...and a balmy night out that, let’s face it, is probably going to end up with dancing on Italian tables.

Vivid Champagne in The Nude (All Nude) >
Vivid Champagne in The Edgy ( Nude with Black Waistband) >


Swizzle, soak, bite. A Martini Olive has to stand up to the intensity of the drink itself, subtle yet sultry and the star of the show in our professional opinion. The martini brings the bold, but the olive brings the lure.

Martini Olive in The Nude (All Nude) >
Martini Olive in The Edgy ( Nude with Black Waistband) >


Smoky Whisky | Nude Tights

Deep tones of amber and oak come to mind, evoking a raised eyebrow and a hint of mischief. This isn’t the smoke of Ibiza dancefloors, or highschool party flashbacks. This is sophisticated smoke, because that’s a thing. Swirling with mystery and paired with dry whisky - and perhaps a cigar for added enigma.

Smoky Whisky in The Nude (All Nude) >
Smoky Whisky in The Edgy ( Nude with Black Waistband) >


A deep, rich and indulgent experience is elevated to a level bordering on decadence by a touch of added spice that no one saw coming. Almonds boiled in sugar, salty dark chocolate and a hint of plum all collide to create an elegant, chic and beautiful dream. If Nigella Lawson isn’t narrating this one in your head, then read it again.

Spicy Praline in The Nude (All Nude) >
Pricy Praline in The Edgy ( Nude with Black Waistband) >

We hope you enjoyed this little peek into the highly complex science behind our creative process, and the dramatic novel behind each one. Time to get in The Nude.


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