We Were Over Tights That Laddered, Sagged & Pinched - So We Reinvented Them

Tights, an age-old pain point. They ladder, pinch, and forever have to (awkwardly) be pulled back into place. They itch, have seams that show through your clothes, gussets and they Do. Not. Last. - sometimes not even being put on! We were over it. Tights were inconvenient and wasteful.

So, we crafted a superior pair of tights. After years of R&D, as well as loads of testing, we launched the world’s first ladder-resistant, seamless, low denier tights.

Here are the key steps that went into crafting Hedoine tights.

1. Made In Italy - Because Italians Do It Better
Italians do a lot of things better - gelato, espresso… point made? They also make the best tights in the world. When we set out to reinvent tights, we wanted to work with the best of the best to craft products that a hedonistic heroine could be proud of.

2.Ladder-Resistant - A World First
Crafting low-denier tights that wouldn’t ladder was a Champions League Task. Innovative yarns and 3D knitting technology come together to ensure ladder-resistance, increased durability, and reliability.

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3. Seamless - Looks Better With, And Without, Clothes
Most tights have a seam that runs from front to back. Hedoine tights don’t. Because who wants seams showing through their clothes?

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4. Sag & Pinch Free - Goodbye Awkward Adjustments
Extremely fine yarns and a seamless compression waistband produces silky soft tights that mould to your body shape – no sagging, itching, pinching, or pressure marks.

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5. Slimming & Shaping - Choose Your Support
Balancing comfort, style, and function - the Hedoine seamless compression waistband is also slimming. Available in low or high variations, you can choose your preferred shaping support.

Shaping Waistband

6. Harm Free - Because We Love The Planet
The production of Hedoine tights causes no harm to animals (we’re 100% vegan) or humans (Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®). We also aim to ensure minimal impact on the environment at every step.

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