20 Denier Laufmaschenfreiheit garantiert

Hēdoïne exists to reinvent fashion essentials for you. To make them better, more durable, stylish, uncompromising and truly premium in every detail. Our first task was a bold reinvention of tights. Tights have always been an annoying necessity. They ladder, they itch, they pinch – you’re lucky if they survive the day.

So, we reinvented them. After years of designing, testing and engineering we were able to craft the world’s first ladder-resistant and seamless tights using 3D knitting technology and innovative yarns.

Hence, the Hēdoïne ladder-free guarantee, which covers our 20 denier range. 

Please note, our 50 Denier collections are currently not included in our Ladder-Free Guarantee.

Ladder, snag, hole or tear?

While we’re proud as punch (spiked, of course) of our ladder-resistant collections, it’s important to remember that they’re only 20 denier and thus, not indestructible.

Just like your favourite pair of jeans, Hēdoïne tights can get holes, can rip and will be impacted by general wear and tear. Therefore, the Hēdoïne ladder-free guarantee is for ladders only (or runs if you’re in the USA) – not snags, holes or tears.

Rest assured, if you do get a hole in your 20 Denier ladder-resistant tights it will not ladder or creep down (or up) – guaranteed.

For more information see our FAQ page.


Verursacht durch Phasenfokussierung; Du kannst einen Zieher selbst beseitigen, indem Du sanft an beiden Enden ziehst.


Sehr kleine Löcher entstehen manchmal bei sehr dünnen Strumpfhosen und sind der Beginn von Laufmaschen. Bei Hēdoïne Strumpfhosen entstehen keine Laufmaschen.


Strumpfhosen sind dünn und können Risse bekommen, werfen aber keine Laufmaschen an den Enden.


Wenn ein Loch oder Riss das Bein runter (oder hoch) kriecht. Das wird Dir mit Hēdoïne nicht passieren.