Zeit sparen,

Wein trinken


Deine innere Heldin sagt Dir, sich diese neuen Strumpfhosen zu bestellen; Deine innere Hedonistin lockt Dich zu einem weiteren Glas Pinot. Wir verstehen das.

Hence, the Hēdoïne tights subscription. New tights delivered as often as you like to keep your heroine and your hedonist happy. 

When you subscribe, you’ll save 20% on all pairs as well as guaranteed free shipping globally. It's shopping like a badass.

Convenience queen?

Spare 20% auf jedes Paar

Global Shipping?

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Commitment Issues?

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Like to mix it up?

Tausche Produkte pro Lieferung

Frauen verbrauchen im Schnitt über 45 Paar Strumpfhosen pro Jahr

Our aim? To decrease this average by crafting a premium, more sustainable and durable product.

And yet, we also recognise that you don’t want to wear the same tights day in, day out. Whether you're a 36-tights-a-year Hēdoïne, 12, or something in between, a tights subscription might just be your drop.