Wir glauben, dass Kraft sexy ist, Entschlossenheit neben Weiblichkeit existieren kann - und ein bisschen Badass zu sein, einfach viel mehr Spaß macht.

Inspired by the incredible women we have met - and continue to meet - we want to bring a new reality to the forefront, and new meaning to modern femininity.

We challenge the status quo and we do things our way. We empower, we elevate and we celebrate strong, bold Hedoines.

This is modern femininity.


When we see something is broken, we fix it

Struck with a brand vision, and inspired by the support from our community of Hedoines - it was 2017 when we left our jobs in finance and called a very important weeting (wine meeting). As natural problem solvers, when something is broken, we fix it. Think of the most annoying necessity? Sagging, pinching, laddering, lunch-break wasting. We were having a ‘tightbulb’ moment, it was time to reinvent tights.


The annoyance of poor quality tights took us to the land of experts – hello Italy. See also pizza, gelato, espresso and wine. We were there for the tights though, promise. We started by hunting down producers that could meet our so-called ‘ambitious’ demands - apparently tights were doing just fine. Cheap to produce and nobody anywhere too worried about having to throw them away every five minutes. Apart from those who had to wear them.

We wanted to create something different – tights that make you feel great and that wouldn’t add to the world’s ever-growing throwaway culture. Enter our first ever product - the world’s first 20 denier ladder-resistant tights which we launched at the end of 2018.

The Hedoines behind Hedoine.


Meet Anna & Alex

Now you’ve got the brief on why we’re here, you’re probably wondering who we are. We’re Anna and Alex. On paper, we look similar. Career women into killer heels, good martinis and laughing. A lot.

But great relationships require some complimentary (outright polar opposite) traits. Anna is guaranteed to jump headfirst into positive news and lives by the motto more is more. Alex, to put it succinctly, does not. Alex will weigh up the realities like a pro and remind Anna not to invite herself for an interview with Oprah just yet. And don't even get us started on how we take our coffees.


We’re different but we’re both Hedoines, connected by a vision to elevate and celebrate all of you… and to bring you much better fashion essentials!

We hope you enjoy wearing our tights (ideally while taking on the world).


Supported by a strong team of industry experts

Pierre Denis

Former CEO Jimmy Choo, Senior Board Advisor Coty

Ashish Sensarma

Former CEO Wolford

Monique Hoell

Founder & Former CEO HelloBody

Hanns Leisewitz

Performance Marketing & Global CRM Allbirds

Alexandra Jackson

Former Global Supply Chain Director Nike

Simon Pex

Director Carlyle

Marcel Hollerbach

Partner Cavalry Ventures

Dr. Stephen Weich

Former CEO Flaschenpost

Tom Meggle

Former CEO Cartier & Louis Vuitton

Catja Thum

Sustainability Investor

Holger Hengstler

Founder Dress for Less

Fritz Strempel

Narrative Advisor & Brand Expert

Christoph Behn

Founder Better Ventures

Morten Toft Bech

Founder Meatless Farm

Johan Kampe

Partner Claret Capital

Thomas Hoersman

Partner Heptagon Capital