The Bump Schwangerschaftsstrumpfhose

60 Denier | Double the trouble, double the fun

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    Seamless waistband

    Optimal comfort & support

    Fully extendable over bump

    Soft & sag-free

    Breathable & stylish mesh

    No pressure marks

    No harmful chemicals

    Consciously crafted in UK

    Während unsere regulären Strumpfhosen mit 20 bis 100 DEN im ersten Trimester für Dich da sind, halten wir jetzt auch Deinen Rücken und Bauch bedeckt, während er wächst. Unser stützender Maschengewebe-Bund ist atmungsaktiv, soft und nahtlos für optimale Unterstützung und Komfort ohne Druckstellen. Der Komfortbund kann vollständig über Deinen Bauch gezogen oder sanft darunter gefaltet werden, für Stabilisierung und Stützwirkung. Diese Umstands-Strumpfhosen sind da, um Dich und Dein kleines Wunder zu unterstützen - ohne Einschränkungen, ohne Ausbeulen und ohne Rutschen.

    37cm / 14.5 inch bedeckt den gesamten Bauch, wenn ausgedehnt.

    We exclusively use high-quality, skin friendly materials that are free from harmful chemicals.

    75% Nylon and 25% Elastane

    Robust, yet delicate. Wash your maternity tights at 30 degrees Celsius, preferably in a Guppyfriend or a laundry bag for delicate items. Avoid tumble drying, ironing or bleaching. But I'm sure you already knew that, you laundry master!

    If you want to show some love to your tights, check out our Pflegeleitfaden. It's like a spa day for your legwear!

    mommies-to-be raving about them

    How to style your maternity tights In The Wild

    100% vegan, tested on Hedoines not animals

    Skin-Friendly and Free from harmful chemicals

    VERSANDKOSTENFREI AB €100/£90/$110


    Seamless supportive stretchy waistband

    You asked, we listened. Our pregnant Hedoines asked for seamless maternity tights that provide the ultimate comfort, whilst staying in place and still looking sexy. The Bump is all that: Light compression provides lower back and bump support, and a seamless waistband and gusset-free design leaves the skin without pressure marks.


    Full coverage bump-band for support and control

    We don’t do things in halves. Therefore, the Bump wraps mum-to-be and her belly in a cosy stay-in-place band. Extend it over your bump for ultimate comfort or gently fold it below if you prefer it sitting lower. Pair the tights with a long blouse or jumper and you are ready for the day!

    Because pregnancy is sexy

    Stylish & breathable mesh construction for maximum comfort

    The Bump features a mesh construction that guarantees optimal belly-support without compromising on style and comfort. It is entirely breathable and invisible under clothing. With a touch of sexiness - because we want baby mamas to look and feel their best, bump included.

    Supports you and your precious cargo

    Sag-free & hip-smoothing

    You won’t be constantly adjusting The Bump tights, only admiring how good you look in them.  Bump-friendly maternity tights that actually stay in place all day.  Comfortable thigh and hip smoothing effects and a sag-free construction for around-the-clock support during pregnancy.


    Consciously crafted & skin-friendly

    Consciously crafted in the UK, our production process is focused on reducing water waste, recycling the water we do use, ethical factories, quality and longevity of our tights to fight throw-away fashion. The sustainable ultra-soft material we use is free from harmful chemicals to ensure ultimate safety and comfort for you and your bump throughout pregnancy.

    The little black box is pretty green

    100% Recycled Packaging

    We know you're already feeling extra special with that baby bump, but we're all about saving the planet, too! That's why our little black box is made from recycled materials. And once you're done with it, you can recycle it or even give it a makeover! Maybe fill it with baby dummys?

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