Hedoine on The Vogue Business Master Class

There are things to shout about and then there are things to shout about, and being featured on the Vogue Business and Scalefast Master Class series is something worth making noise over. We’re not even sorry.

Our CEO and co-founder, Alexandra, speaks to world-leading fashion experts about how to succeed in direct-to-consumer luxury. In particular, building trust and intimacy in customer relationships – something that’s always been a big deal at Hēdoïne (as you might have noticed).

It is the fifth and final episode of the series, and you can expect to hear the complete Hēdoïne backstory… from how our co-founders, Anna and Alexandra, first met, to when the seed for Hēdoïne was first planted, and how that we developed into a brand that debunks female stereotypes and prides ourselves on transparency. Alexandra also covers how we have launched two world-first designs, and our ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community.

Here is where to find the full interview on Vogue Business and Scalefast Master Class: Episode 5: How to build trust and intimacy in customer relationships

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Hedoine on Vogue Business Master Class Series

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