Internations Women's Day 2023 x Smart Works Charity

As you most likely know, at Hedoine we find any excuse to celebrate (cue the dancing on tables), but International Women’s Day stands out to us as one of the best celebrations of the year.

Although we celebrate women every day of the year, International Women’s Day is a fantastic reminder to honour the leading ladies in our lives, our female inspirations and idols, and ourselves!

On IWD 2021, we launched our Real Hēdoïnes platform and over the past two years we have had the pleasure of speaking with some of the most incredible and inspirational women out there. They’re bold, passionate, and fearless- each and every one of them have inspired us with their wit and wisdom. They are true Hedoines.

This year, for IWD 2023 we’re launching a very special donation programme with Smart Works, a women’s charity which has changed the lives of thousands of women (twenty thousand, to be exact). 

Smart Works helps unemployed women secure work and gain financial independence by providing support such as coaching, interview preparation, and a powerful interview outfit. 

For a week starting today we’re donating a pair of tights to Smart Works for every order made on our site. Of course, if you wish to also support Smart Works yourself, you can check them out here

A big thanks to you, our Hēdoïnes, for your continued support and sass. Each and every one of you deserves a grand celebration all of your own. We’ll work on that for next year… ;)

Treat yourself and your fellow smart working women here. 

Happy International Women’s Day


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